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You got rugged by a scumbag? Now get your scamback!

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Welcome to the DollarBack Item Giveaway

Dollarback does not aim to make profits for its own pocket but reinvests surpluses back into the project after the monthly expenses.
The items are financed from these surpluses and the proceeds from ticket sales are used for liquidity charity and promotional purposes.
Here you have the possibility to buy tickets to win super items.
500 tickets per giveaway consecutively numbered will be available here.
The giveaways will be held monthly and the i M:


1. Connect Wallet
2. Select quantity
3. Confirm purchase
4. Confirm transaction in Wallet
5. Wait for the giveaway

Informations about the Giveaway

1 giveaway per month
500 tickets per giveaway
Different ticket numbers count for each giveaway (1 - 500 = Giveaway 1 / 501 - 1000 = Giveaway 2 and so on).
250 tickets must be sold to run the giveaway. The ticket price is chosen to cover the cost of the giveaway.
If 250 tickets are not sold in a month, the tickets will be used for the next giveaway with other items.